Smith Vocational

Interesting story from Smith Vocational & Agricultural HS sent to us by Andy Linkenhoker!


Dell’s marketing for the Dell 5190 Chromebook says it “survives school days and school kids,” but that’s just marketing, right? What if your students are just as likely to be in a metal shop or barn as they are a classroom? You have got to see the video clip entitled “Can a Cow Stand on Your Chromebook”?


Read Andy’s email below then click on the link to see the video!





Happy Friday,


I wanted to share this fun story that is gaining traction. Below is a link to a blog Dell maintains. Josh Shearer, our IT Director, has been in talks with them and was able to test out a new tablet here on campus! However, it wasn't any ordinary testing.


The video Josh created was posted to YouTube and Dell has run with it. Today I was contacted by Channel 22, who visited us today and aired a segment on the news.


Great things are happening on campus!


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Old Colony Senior

Old Colony Senior Erin Taylor, prior to her graduation, is already “cashing-in” on the skills she learned in the Graphic Communication & Design program.


Erin has been doing design work for a band by the name of “Tenth Avenue North” out of Nashville and they invited her to an awards show this past weekend.

So Erin passed up going to her senior prom so she go to Nashville. We have attached a photo of Erin just hanging out with Dennis Quaid this weekend.